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Established back in 1979, Dundee Manufacturing brings Experience, Value and Quality to every job. Our knowledge allows our company to continuously innovate and branch out into different Industries.

In 2003, Peter and Dale bought the company with the idea to grow the company into a globally recognized Company that would put all of its efforts into plumbing, electrical and engineered products to enhance and save their customers time out in the field, or provide a better system of protecting and installing pipe in residential and commercial applications.


Dundee Manufacturing Company offers a wide range of Hangers, Pipe & Joist Support.


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Our Services

Custom Manufacturing

Die Design & Build

Metal Stamping

Tube Fabrication

We utilize Solid Works, Auto CAD and Logo Press and have full in house capabilities to machine and assemble all die components. We can build line dies, progressive dies and automation equipment.

We manufacture all our steel products in house. Our machines range from 60 to up to 250 ton. Our capabilities can accommodate low to high volume orders.

Currently offering tube fabrication for the automotive and solar industries. Capabilities include, flatting, piercing and forming among other services.

New Products at Dundee Manufacturing

Dundee Manufacturing Company is consistently innovating by adding new products.

Split Rings

Dundee Manufacturing has added Horizontal and Vertical Stamped Split Rings offered in both Zinc Plated and Copper Coated Steel. Split Rings are often used to mount pipe from steel or wooden members.

Scalloped Hanger Iron

Scalloped or Wavy Hanger Iron is a multi-purpose strapping and is used for hanging or securing any type of duct work, tubing or piping. Unlike straight edge hanger iron, the scalloped strapping uses less material and is has slightly less sharp edges.

Self-Locking Hanger Iron

Self-Locking Hanger Iron, or Plumbers Tape, is new, improved and making installation quick and easy. With self locking tabs, there is no additional hardware needed for installation. The tabs interlock to ensure a strong and long lasting hold.

Steel Rebar Stakes

Grade 60 Rebar Stakes are now being offered at Dundee Manufacturing. Contact Customer Service or your local Sales Rep for special pricing.

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