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In 2003, Peter and Dale bought the company with the idea to grow the company into a globally recognized Company that would put all of its efforts into plumbing, solar and engineered products to enhance and save their customers time out in the field, or provide a better system of protecting and installing pipe in residential and commercial applications.


Growing up in the plant itself gave the Davis brothers the knowledge and skill to continue this family tradition, but also has given the company its "CAN DO” attitude.


Today, Dundee Manufacturing Company continues this tradition by producing high-quality metal stampings that exceed our competitors, and assures our customers’ demands and expectations in plumbing, solar and engineered products are met. The Company welcomes standard commodity orders as well as orders requiring in-house engineering of tools for special parts production. The Company believes that a well-trained work force using technology is essential to its mission in meeting its growth. With this, Dundee Manufacturing is looking to the future and will strive for worldwide recognition.

Creating a dynamic culture to achieve and maintain exceptional customer satisfaction.

With over 70 years of experience Dundee Manufacturing has grown into a leading manufacturer of  Tool & Die and metal stampings.

In 2003, the Davis Brothers purchased the company from their father. Within subsequence years of taking over they were able to advance the company into the 21st century. Dundee Manufacturing has continued to increase sales, streamline productivity, and implement the ideal team player standard. 

Dundee Manufacturing is located in Dundee, Michigan and focuses on contract manufacturing in the plumbing and solar industries servicing the entire United States. With investing in new state of the art technology, Dundee continues to expand its capabilities and brand presence in the market to create and maintain a dynamic culture to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Dundee Manufacturing Company builds on tradition through continual growth and innovation to produce engineered products, with an emphasis on the plumbing and solar markets.


Dundee Manufacturing's success is defined by the ideal employee and the positive relationships built with customers and suppliers. Focusing on exceeding customer expectations with on-time shipments, quality product, competitive pricing, and product availability.

We must embrace the value of team work.


We must build and maintain trust 
with our relationships

We must be accountable for our responsibilities.

We must have pride and strive for excellence in our workmanship.

We must enhance our personal and professional growth.

We must have open, honest & respectful communications.

Our Values

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